Guidance Classes

SEL Classroom Lessons:  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral part of the elementary school counseling program and important to every student’s academic, social and emotional success. In order to help promote social, emotional and academic success, topics discussed in SEL classroom lessons include; respect and responsibility, growth mindset, emotional identification and regulation, personal safety, drug awareness and prevention, kindness, friendship and conflict resolution, career identification, etc. These lessons are preventative in nature, designed to reach all students, and are taught in the classroom weekly (currently virtually)by the counselor.
Respect and Responsibility
Growth Mindset

Virtual Counseling Classrooms

Mrs. Kelso-McDowell and Ms. Jones are currently positing SEL lessons each Wednesday, to your child's Seesaw classroom. In addition to the assigned Seesaw activities, weekly lessons are posted on each counselor's virtual classroom. Other activities, such as calming techniques, games, and growth mindset, are posted on the classrooms as well.
Ms. Jones' Counseling Classroom
Mrs. Kelso-McDowell's counseling classroom