Curriculum and Resources

Second Step Program:

A researched based, holistic approach, focusing on developing and enhancing the Social Emotional Learning of children in grades K-5.

PRES counselors use the K-5 SEl program, the Child Protection Unit, and the Bullying Prevention Unit, as well as other supplemental resources.

Kelso's Choice:

Kelso’s Choice is a research based program designed for effectively teaching children peace-making and problem-solving skills. It is known to increase confidence, reduce tattling and to help prevent instances of bullying.

Erin's Law Health Curriculum:

State mandated health curriculum and child abuse prevention that is developmentally appropriate/culturally sensitive and trauma-informed. More information can be accessed via the links below. 

For an idea of what the lessons will look like, on the Seaside School District website (, click on the Departments tab, then the Teaching and Learning drop down.  On that next page, you will see the button for Health and Sex Education.  After clicking on it, you will find the lessons down near the bottom of the list..
The lessons will look a little different this year, as they will not be delivered live in class, but they will be very similar.
Second Step
Kelso's Choices